Creative Corner an exclusive online shop for Kerala handicraft, we have something others do not. Together we have a unique vision, great ideas and value set grounded in strong customer chain, with a deep pride in place.

Our unique and innovative product what makes keralashopee businesses great? We think the power of design is something ensure long-term business success.

In our work with artisans, we transform our design to align and accelerate their creativity to grow our brand and values. We think this is something others can do too and we want to share this approach with you.

We are providing a “creative corner” for whom have the ability to create unique pieces. Keralashopee can display their creative product and we will try to sell it through our own online shop and with other famous marketplaces in India. Through this platform, you can attract great clients and attract the younger generation.

For more details, write to us at and our team will respond to you within 24 hrs with full details.