About Us

As for all, you know that there is a story behind our every product. Our designer just introducing the work to the world, artisans working collaboratively with our ideas, and they producing each piece by hand with passion. 

With your help, we are building a community of passionate people who love our products and connect with the stories behind them. We are growing not only our artist family but also a strong following of customers who celebrate artists and delight in surrounding themselves with creative design.

An Uncommon Future
As we enter a new age of business, we will remain focused on our commitment to sustainability and creative design. We will never stop working to provide a remarkable shopping experience to our customers. We make keralashopee our designer’s favourite place to work, celebrate artisanship and innovation, and support our community of artisans, designers, and creative thinkers. We have a feeling the future will be unpredictable.

Truly Uncommon Designs
Our designs are truly uncommon. Every creation we carry incorporates an element of creativity of our own. Truly uncommon goods meet this goal in many ways. We are on the search for designs that serve a purpose, solve a problem, stun us with their beauty.
We are also proud to offer products that are handmade with impeccable artisanship and that are made from interesting with passion from a different type of materials. While we welcome fresh designs with great materials stories, we make sure that these materials have its own credit and value.